Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao Beach is Phuket's longest beach.

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Stretching 9 kilometres (5.5 miles), Mai Khao Beach is Phuket's longest beach. The beach is a part of Sirinath National Park; therefore, it is not developed. To the north, Mai Khao Beach adjoins to Sai Khaew Beach, and to the south, it adjoins to Nai Yang Beach.

You will rarely meet other people in the northern part of the beach. That is not to say you will not attract curious eyes from other visitors at the beach:

Although the water quality is good, the beach is not well suited for swimming, for neither man nor beast. The beach slopes steeply into the sea and in the monsoon season, it can be very dangerous to take a swim here due to rip currents. You will not find lifeguards here to warn you about danger or to rescue you from drowning. The sand is a little course.

5-star resorts

While the beach is part of Sirinath National Park, the land behind the beach is not. In the area behind the middle part of Sai Khaew Beach, you will find a string of 5-star resorts for those with a bulging plastic card.

The resorts include Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas, JW Marriott Resort & Spa, Sala Phuket Resort & Spa, Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa, and Maikhao Dream Villa Resort & Spa. The resorts have all sorts of activities and all the necessary amenities for your stay. You never need to leave the resort unless you want to go sightseeing.

You will find a few more affordable hotels along Mai Khao Beach; however, the 5-star resorts are in the absolute majority.

The string of the 5-star resorts ends with Grand West Sands Resort & Villas. The resort is located a little further from the beach than the other 5-star resorts; however, they compensate for that by offering you easy access to a water park. You will find Splash Jungle Water Park next to the resort.

Just south of Grand West Sands Resort & Villas and the water park, you will find Phuket Airport. If you are interested in flying machines, you can stay on the beach and watch the planes arrive and depart over your head. However, there is no easy access to this part of the beach; you will need to walk a bit along the beach.

South of the airport, Mai Khao Beach adjoins Nai Yang Beach. At this part, not only the beach is protected, the land behind the beach is protected as well. You will have to pay a fee for access.

Beaches in Phuket

Read more about the beaches in the main article Beaches in Phuket.

I have not yet written about all of the beaches; thus, there are a few inactive links on the list. Please be patient, I will get to them. The list is in geographical order, starting at the north side of Phuket, then down the west side and finally up the east side.

Tags: Phuket - Mai Khao Beach - Beaches

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