The Naughty Side of Pattaya

In Pattaya: No money, no honey; however, you do not need to have much money to get honey.

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Pattaya is a paradise for the sex tourist; whether you want to have sex with no fuss; or whether you prefer it to feel as if you are picking up a girl as you would at home. However, do not fool yourself; it is not like at home. In Thailand, money will be involved one way or another.

If you want to read about Pattaya as a tourist destination (non-sex), then please read the article Pattaya. If you want to know what to do in Pattaya besides the naughty activities, please read the article Things to do in Pattaya.

In this article, I mostly use the term "girl"; however, you can substitute it with "ladyboy" or "guy" according to your interests.

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Coconut Bar

If you want sex without fussing around, Coconut Bar is the place for you. Despite the name, Coconut Bar is not a bar at all; it is the promenade along the beach, named after the palm trees. There are almost as many palm trees here as freelancers (prostitutes) waiting for the next customer.

Even in the daytime, you can find a girl here; if you are desperate. The prettier and younger of them (some of which can tick both girl and boy in a form) do not start to work until after sunset.

The prices in Coconut Bar can be a lot lower than elsewhere; however, you will likely be just one in a series of customers that day. Please, do not skip the safety section farther down the page.

Soi 6

If you want sex without fussing around, only in a real bar instead of Coconut Bar, you can visit Soi 6. Soi 6 is a small street between Beach Road and Second Road; it is the most notorious street in Pattaya.

In Soi 6, the fun starts a good while before sunset. In addition, here you will find many "short time"-bars with sex on the menu. Most of the bars have rooms for short-term rentals; however, business can be taken care of in the bar itself.

Be aware of the many ladyboys in soi 6. Perhaps the girl who offers you a quick blowjob under the table is equipped with more than large breasts.

Go-Go bars

If you want sex without fussing too much around, garnished with loud music, lights and vivid colours, the go-go bars are where to go.

In the go-go bars, you can see naked or almost naked girls dance; when they take a break from dancing, you can feel them up.

Try to assess the mood in the go-go bar to see how far you can go. Some places are sticky fingers places some are not. The number of lady drinks you buy for the chosen one also affect where the boundary is.

If you find a girl you want to take back to your hotel room, you must pay a bar fine to the owner of the place. In addition, you must pay the girl; please read the Prices section farther down the page.

You will find an abundance of go-go bars on Walking Street and its side streets. There is also a small cluster of go-go bars in LK Metro, where a few have strayed out to the nearby part of Soi Buakhao. Read more about the various areas farther down the page.

Bar Girls for Rent

Rather than the no fussing around approach, most people may prefer a softer approach, perhaps talking with the girl and getting to know her a little before taking her back to the hotel. You can achieve that by visiting a bar that offers bar girls for rent for a short or a long time. At the bar, you can get acquainted with the girl by talking to her and by playing games with her, for example, Jenga and Connect Four. You pay for her company at the bar by buying lady drinks for her.

If you hit it off and you want to take her back to your hotel, you will have to pay a bar fine to the bar, and you will have to pay the girl too. Read more below in the Prices section.

Usually, the bars with girls for rent lies in groups. You can find them everywhere in the central part of Pattaya as well as in some parts of Jomtien.


An even softer approach is going to a disco. While the freelancers in Coconut bar does not give much room for romantic feelings, hooking up with a freelancer in a disco can feel more naturally; as if you are picking up a girl in a disco at home.

The freelancers in the discos are a varied bunch. Some sell sex for a living, while others want to earn a little extra besides their salary in the department store, or wherever they work in the daytime.

While the freelancers in Coconut Bar typically are interested in "short time" only (to quickly get back to the next customer), the freelancers in the discos are often interested in "long time", meaning she will not leave until in the morning. If you like the girl, the one night may evolve into a girlfriend experience for the rest of your holiday.

You can also find freelancers in beer bars. The girls in the discos and the beer bars are not employed there; thus you do not have to pay a bar fine or buy lady drinks.

The most famous beer bar with freelancers is Pattaya Beer Garden, which, incidentally, also serves good and cheap food. Here, they use a system to make the place suitable for those seeking company and those who do not. The beermats have a red and a green side; if you want to be left alone, make sure the red side is turned up.

There are many discos in Pattaya, for example, Tony Disco, Marine Disco, and Lucifer Disco, all on Walking Street. You can find freelancers many other places too, such as dance halls, ordinary bars, and in Gulliver's Walking Street Club where you also can see Pattaya's most photographed car:

You can meet freelancers on the internet too. You will find them at dating sites where they mix with girls looking for a serious relationship. If you are only looking for fun, your best bet is probably Mizz Thai that specialises in pairing up freelancers and tourists for the duration of your holiday; also known as a girlfriend experience. The girls can act as interpreter and a guide too.


Not all the massage parlours offer "something extra". Try to assess the type of the massage parlour by how nice and clean it looks and by its location. The more shabby the place look and the more "colourful" the neighbourhood is, the greater the chance for "something extra". If in doubt, and you do want something extra; ask first to avoid an embarrassing situation during the massage.

Most of the massage parlours that offer a happy end will offer you a handjob; some of them will offer you a blowjob, and a few of them will offer you intercourse.

It may be a good idea to agree what you want and the price beforehand; since you may not be skilful as a negotiator later. Do not be afraid to choose another masseuse than the one trying to persuade you to a massage.

You do not have to wonder whether it is possible to get something extra if you get a soapy massage. Massage parlours offering a soapy massage often resemble old type brothels. Often, you will find the girls seated with numbers behind a glass wall. You then select a girl or two who follows you up in a room where they bathe you and then soap you with their bodies. Typically, the session lasts 1½ hours and ends with intercourse.

You find massage parlours everywhere in Pattaya; although some areas have more massage parlours than other areas, such as Soi 11, located between Beach Road and Second Road, and Soi Honey, located between Second Road and Soi Buakhao. You will also find a place offering soapy massage in Soi Honey.

However, you will find the largest concentration of places offering a soapy massage on Second Road in the area between Soi 2 and Soi 4 (location at Google Maps). Please note that soapy massage is also known as a body massage.

Dress Code

You do not have to wear a suit when you go out in Pattaya. It is hot in Pattaya, and the fashion police are very relaxed. You can even wear shorts at the discos.

However, you should dress nicely. The crowd in Pattaya is more mature than in, for example, the party town Patong in Phuket. In Patong, it is not unusual to see people wearing shorts, a wife beater, and Crocs at the discos. It is not pretty in Patong, and it surely is not pretty in Pattaya.

Safety, Security and Surprises

Always use a condom during sexual intercourse. You cannot tell if your partner has a sexually transmitted disease by looking her in the eye. A good number of them do have STDs, including HIV. If your partner agrees to have sex without a condom, it should set off alarm bells. Those that are the least afraid of getting a venereal disease are those that already have one.

If possibly, place your valuables in the safe in your room; especially if you bring a guest to the room and especially if you cannot easily find the girl again.

If you pick up a girl in a bar or in a go-go bar where you pay a bar fine, you can find the girl again. However, if you pick up a girl in Coconut Bar or in a disco, you will not find her again, if she does not want to be found. Even though most of the girls are honest, not all of them are.

Thai people have to carry their Thai ID card. Many hotels will want to see the ID card when you bring a guest. Some of the hotels will keep the ID card until she leaves the hotel. They do not want to see the ID card to pry; it is for your safety. Some places will contact you before handing back the ID card to make sure that there is no problem.

It can be difficult to tell the ladyboys from the girls, especially if you have been drinking. If you want to avoid getting a surprise in your room, you can make an agreement with the night watch at the hotel to warn you if you bring back a ladyboy. The ID card will tell the sex at the time of birth.

The ID card can also help you if you are uncertain of the age of your chosen one. The birth year on the ID card is the Thai year; thus, you have to deduct 543 years. That is, the Thai year 2561 corresponds to 2018 AD. The minimum age is 18 years.

If your chosen one does not carry her ID card, it is a bad sign; it can be either a ladyboy, a minor, or someone that want to steal from you.

As anywhere in the world, you risk getting mugged when going out at night. The risk is greater the later at night and the drunker you are. When you go out, you should not carry more cash than you expect to spend; leave the rest in the safe in your room at the hotel. The Rolex watch, you should leave at home.


The prices below are not set in stone. Some girls may ask for more while they may ask for less late at night. It also depends on how much the girl likes you. If she does not like you, she may give you a ridiculous price instead of rejecting you flat out. If the girl senses that you are a newbie, she will perhaps try to demand a much higher price than usual.

Please be aware that it is not a problem to negotiate the price. Use the prices below as a guideline and if asked for more, you can negotiate. It will not affect the performance if only you remember to negotiate with a smile and a banter.

Usually, the prices for bar fines and lady drinks are fixed prices, although some places do offer lower bar fines after midnight.

Words and Their Meaning

A lady drink is a drink for the girl at a higher than usual price; the girl gets a commission for the drink. In some places, the lady drink consists of juice and no alcohol. Some customers feel cheated when they find out that they are paying a high price for juice; they shouldn't. The price for the lady drink is not for the alcohol it is for the girl's company. In addition, if the girl drinks too much alcohol, she will be too drunk for the after party in your room.

A bar fine is a fee you pay to the bar to take away the girl. It is supposed to compensate the bar for not having the girl working when she is with you.

Short time used to be two hours, but some girls will leave you after one hour; some will leave you after you come or whichever happens first. Ask the girl if you want to know for sure beforehand.

Long time means that she will stay with you until morning. Be aware, that some girls will try to do a runner. She may find an excuse to leave early, trying to make you pay for long time nonetheless.

A girlfriend experience is when you pay a girl to be with you for several days. It will feel as if you have a girlfriend, except you will have to pay her. You will, of course, also have to pay all her expenses while she is with you; this may include shopping.

Some hotels demand a joiner fee if you bring a guest to your room. In the naughty areas of Pattaya, most of the hotels do not demand a joiner fee. However, in other areas, and especially if you stay at one of the more expensive hotels, they may very well demand a joiner fee in the range of 300 to 1,500 baht (300 to 1500 baht).

If you plan to bring guests back to your hotel, you should read the reviews of the hotel before booking. If in doubt, send them an e-mail and ask. Some hotels also limit the number of guests you can bring at a time, thus if you are planning to have a threesome, ask if you are allowed to bring two guests.


The girls in Coconut Bar are offering you the lowest prices. Here you can get as low as 500 baht (500 baht) for "short time".

Freelancers you meet in other places, like a disco, a beer bar, or the shopping mall will, typically, want the same as the girls in the bars.

With freelancers, there will be no lady drinks or bar fines. However, if you entertain a freelancer from a disco etc. she will expect you to pay all expenses while you are together, be it drinks, food or whatever.

Bar girls

In most bars, the bar fine is between 300 and 500 baht (300 and 500 baht). Typically, the girl will want 1,000 baht (1000 baht) for "short time" and 2,000 baht (2000 baht) for "long time".

In the go-go bars, the prices can be considerably higher. The bar fines are between 600 and 1,000 baht (600 and 1000 baht), while the girls may ask you for 2,000 baht (2000 baht) for "short time" and 3,000 baht (3000 baht) for "long time". The most popular of the girls are not interested in "long time", as they can make more money by going back to the bar after a "short time". If a popular girl in a go-go bar gives you a "long time" price, it may be extremely high.


Typically, a massage costs 200-300 baht (200 to 300 baht) for an hour. This does not include a happy end! For a happy end, you will have to pay extra; typically, 200-1,000 baht (200 to 1000 baht) for a hand or blowjob and 1,000-1,500 baht (1000 to 1500 baht) for intercourse. You pay the girl for the happy end before leaving the massage room; the fee for the massage you pay at the counter in the massage parlour.

A soapy massage costs 2,000-3,000 baht (2000 to 3000 baht); however, it can cost significantly more depending on the place and the girl. The price often corresponds to the girl's appearance. Nonetheless, you can definitely not assume that a prettier girl and a higher price also mean a better experience.

Tipping the Girl

If you are happy with the service provided, you can give the girl a tip. Some of the girls will ask you for a tip, but tipping is voluntary. If you took the girl back to your hotel, then at least give her money for a motorcycle taxi when she leaves.

Areas in Pattaya

Below, you can read a little about the different areas with bars, go-go bars, and massage parlours. The list is far from exhaustive!

Walking Street

Walking Street is the southern part of Beach Road; vehicular traffic is not allowed after 19:00 (7 PM), making it a walking street. Here you will find countless go-go bars and other bars, discos and restaurants.

It may be worth taking a stroll down the side streets, which is also teeming with go-go bars and other bars.

It is very easy to get to Walking Street; hop on a baht bus that goes to Beach Road and hop off when the bus turns off Beach Road. The beginning of Walking Street at Google Maps.

Soi 6

You will find Soi 6 in the northern end of Pattaya, where it runs between Beach Road and Second Road. The easiest way to get here is to take a baht bus. Soi 6 at Google Maps.

Soi 7

If you prefer bars with girls for rent and where you can sit and talk or play small games with the girls, then Soi 7 is for you. The bars are so abundant that you cannot have a beer in all of them before you return home from your holiday.

As with Soi 6, the easiest way to get to Soi 7 is by taking a baht bus. Soi 7 at Google Maps.

LK Metro

At LK Metro, you will find the largest concentration of go-go bars not located near Walking Street.

LK Metro is a small perpendicular road connecting Soi Buakhao and Second Road Soi 13. Here you will find a handful of go-go bars, bars with girls for rent and regular bars. LK Metro at Google Maps.

Soi Buakhao

Soi Buakhao is renowned for its massage parlours and bars. In the area close to LK Metro there are a couple of go-go bars too. Soi Buakhao is a rather long street; I have placed the mark on Soi Buakhao at Google Maps on the part where you will find the biggest concentration of massage parlours.

Soi Honey

Soi Honey is renowned for its numerous massage parlours that offer a happy end. Here, you do not need to speculate whether it is possible to get a massage with a happy end.

In fact, you will disappoint the girl if she does not get the opportunity to earn more than the price of the massage. Soi Honey at Google Maps.

Soi Pattayaland and Boyz Town

Soi Pattayaland consists of three streets near the beginning of Walking Street. One of the streets constitutes Boyz Town; here scantily clad girls are replaced with equally scantily clad guys; in the go-go bars as well as in bars and massage parlours. Boyz Town is one of Pattaya's two areas for gay men. In addition, you will find a few offers for gay men in Soi Pattayaland 1 and 2.

In this area, you will also find hotels that cater to gay men. Soi Pattayaland at Google Maps.

Sunee Plaza

Sunee Plaza is targeting gay men with bars, massage parlours, etc. offering young guys instead of girls. You will also find gay-friendly hotels here. Sunee Plaza at Google Maps.

Google Maps and Mike Baird

You can find the places mentioned in this article and in my other articles about Pattaya on my map of Pattaya at Google Maps. I have turned off the layer Naughty Pattaya by default to make it more family friendly; please turn on the layer to see the places in this article.

You can find the location of even more go-go bars and other bars at Mike Baird's map below.

You can find more maps at Mike's website.

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