HIV in Thailand

Avoid getting an unwanted souvenir from your vacation Thailand.

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If you go to Thailand to partake in the local, nightly amusements, it is important that you always dress up, that is, use a condom. If you do not protect yourself, you may very well contract a sexually transmitted decease – and that can be anything from easily treated chlamydia or gonorrhoea to HIV.

In some countries, most heterosexually men contracting HIV contract it on visits abroad. And many of them contract HIV in Thailand. Sex tourism is a big reason why heterosexually men get infected with HIV.

Not all countries make statistics regarding where people got infected; however, I am sure that if Thailand is a popular holiday destination in your country, the statistics will look similar to the following statistics for heterosexually men contracting HIV in 2017:

In Denmark, the men infected in Thailand accounted for 44 percent of all the newly infected heterosexually men in 2017. In Australia, the men infected with HIV abroad accounted for 41 percent. In the UK, of those infected with HIV abroad, the men infected with HIV in Thailand accounted for 41 percent.

Thailand is one of the countries outside of Africa with most HIV infected people as a percentage of the population. In Thailand, 1.1 percent are HIV positive while 2.8 percent of woman sex workers are HIV positive.

You Cannot See an Infection

You cannot see if a girl is HIV positive, and she cannot see if you are HIV positive. If a girl agrees to have unprotected sex, then maybe she is not afraid of getting infected because she is already infected. Or maybe she is too stupid or too drunk to understand the risk, or maybe she is too poor to say no to the money.

If you have unprotected sex with a local in Thailand, it may be a good idea to get tested for HIV when you are back home. Typically, HIV antibodies in your blood can be measured 4-8 weeks after being infected with HIV.

In most countries, you can get an HIV test by your doctor or at a hospital, or you can find clinics that will test you anonymously.

Tags: Sex - HIV - Safety

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