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Latest Articles

Ban Krut
Ban Krut Ban Krut is a relatively new tourist area that has not yet become too touristy. Here, you will find a lovely, unspoilt beach for a perfect holiday. Most of the visitors are Thai; they do not like the sun and the beach; thus, you can have the beach all to yourself.
Grab a Songthaew in Thailand
Songthaew A songthaew is a modified pick-up or truck that is used as a taxi or as a bus in Thailand. The passengers sit in the back on two benches. Read about the songthaew and how to use it in, for instance, Chiang Mai and Pattaya.
Temple of a Million Bottles
Temple of Bottles See what happens when bottled up Thai monks hit the bottle to build a temple. In the Sisaket province, you will find Wat Lan Kuad, which in English means Temple of a million bottles.
Sightseeing in a Rickshaw
Sightseeing in a Rickshaw It can be exhausting to go sightseeing on foot in the heat in Thailand; however, if you choose to grab a taxi or a tuk-tuk, you may not enjoy the sights as much. Luckily, in some places, you have another option; you can go sightseeing in a pedal-powered rickshaw, also known as a samlor.
Safety in Thailand
No helmet If you are from a country with safety rules and regulations – and where the people abide by those rules and regulations – then Thailand will feel very different. Read about road safety, food safety, power safety, and work safety.
Beware of the Sun in Thailand
Sunscreen On your holiday to the beaches in Thailand, it is necessary to use sunscreen to avoid sunburn and decrease the risk of skin cancer.

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Most Read Articles

Buying Medications in Thailand
The Thai pharmacies do not always care whether or not you have a prescription.
The Naughty Side of Pattaya
In Pattaya: no money, no honey; However, you do not need to have much money to get honey.
Use the Bum Gun
In virtually all restrooms in Thailand, you will find a small hose with a showerhead next to the toilet. It's called a bum gun and it is more hygienic than using toilet paper.
Beggars and Children
You will probably meet both beggars and children selling flowers on your holiday in Thailand.
Bring a pen
It will be a good idea to bring a pen for the flight as you get an arrival card to fill out.
Topless in Thailand
Use the bikini top and wear a T-shirt or a blouse when you go to and from the beach.
In Thailand, you can find ladyboys who are prettier than most girls are.
The tuk-tuk is dangerous, unpleasant, and expensive. Nonetheless, you may want to take a ride in a tuk-tuk on your holiday in Thailand.
Travel by Bus in Thailand
It is very cheap to travel by bus in Thailand, although it also can be very boring and dangerous.
Joiner Fee
Some hotels are hypocrites; they want money if you bring a guest to your room.

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Read about the climate and weather in Thailand and about the rainy season.

How to get help in Thailand, useful phonenumbers, etc.

Can you bring your medications to Thailand? How about buying medications at the pharmacies in Thailand?

Make sure you are covered by a travel insurance!

Can you use your eletrical equipment in Thailand? Read about Power plugs and sockets in Thailand.

Take care of your passport, read about the rules.

More tips for your holiday in Thailand.

Places in Thailand

Phuket is Thailand's largest island and the preferred holiday destination for most foreign tourists.
Phi Phi Islands
The Phi Phi Islands are a tropical paradise sporting a fantastic nature with impressive limestone mountains, caves, cliffs, and especially stunning beaches with white sand and crystal clear water.
Pattaya is not only for the sex tourists. Pattaya is known to be the world's largest red light district, and not without reason. However, in recent years, the city has done a lot to attract ordinary tourists; thus, it now has much more to offer than the many bars with girls you can rent for a short or a long time.
Hua Hin
Hua Hin is a popular resort town for Thais and foreigners alike. In addition, many foreigners have settled as expats in Hua Hin in order to enjoy their retirement in a more comfortable temperature than in their home countries.

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Activities in Thailand

Shopping in Bangkok
Bangkok is a shopaholic's paradise with huge malls that lie side by side in the city's centre. In addition, Bangkok has several large markets with countless stalls and shops.
Until 1767, Ayutthaya was the capital of Siam (Thailand). At one time, it was the world's largest city. Ayutthaya was conquered and deserted some 250 years ago; after almost 200 years of decay, Thailand started a restoration project. Today, the ruins of Ayutthaya is a popular attraction for tourists and Thais alike.
Market on Track
Maeklong Market is arguably the weirdest market in the world. The market is located not by the railway tracks but on the tracks. Read about the market and how to get there.
Beaches in Phuket
Looking for crystal clear water and golden beaches? You will find them in Thailand. Not least in Phuket, Thailand's largest island and the most popular tourist spot in Thailand.
Activities in Pattaya
Pattaya offers a lot of activities for children and adults alike. Read about some of the many offers.

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Sex in Thailand

Sex in Thailand is Not Free
If a Thai has sex with you on your vacation, she expects payment.
The Naughty Side of Pattaya
Read about the naughty side of Pattaya, the city that is known as the world's biggest red light district.
The Naughty Side of Bangkok
Bangkok is notorious for its wild nightlife aimed at tourists looking for sex. There is even written songs about it.
Joiner fee
Some hotels demand a 'joiner fee' also knows as a 'guest fee'; you have to pay extra if you bring a guest to your room.

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