Beware of the Sun in Thailand

Use sunscreen when on holiday in Thailand.

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On your holiday to the beaches in Thailand, it is necessary to use sunscreen to avoid sunburn and decrease the risk of skin cancer.

The power of the sun, measured in the UV index, is directly linked to the risk of sunburn and skin cancer.

If you live in the north, like Northern Europe, Russia, or Canada, you know you have to use sunscreen in the summertime. Here, the UV index stays below 7 in the summertime. If you live further south, like Southern Europe, Northern China, Japan, Korea, or the Northern part of the USA, the UV index may go up to 9 or 10 in the middle of the summer.

In Thailand, the UV index rarely gets below 10 in the south of Thailand; in the summertime, it peaks at 12.

Therefore, always wear protective clothing if you stay in the sun in Thailand. In addition, use water-repellent sunscreen with at least a factor of 30 and preferably with a factor of 50. Be aware that even using sunscreen with a factor of 50, it is a bad idea to lie on the beach for hours without protection from a shading umbrella.

Humorous Videos for Tourists

The Danish Kræftens bekæmpelse (The Danish Cancer Society) and TrygFonden have made a humorous campaign with videos targetting various holiday destinations called Help a Dane. The campaign is relevant for people from many other countries as well.

Apparently, the campaign is addressing the locals at various holiday destinations to help a Dane to avoid sunburn and worse. The language used in the videos is the local language at the holiday destination. In reality, the target for the campaign is pale tourists that do not know how to behave in the sun.

Take a look at the version for holidays in Thailand; it is in Thai with English subtitles, although you certainly do not need to understand Thai or English to understand the message.

You can read more at the campaign's website (in English); here, you can even download an app that shows the current UV index for your holiday destination. The app is in English.

Tags: Sunscreen - Beaches - Tips

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