Rose Tinted Dreams

A small cabin on a deserted tropical beach with white sand, clear water and palm trees.

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Sweet dreams are seldom based on reality; often you wear rose tinted glasses; thus not seeing all aspects of the things, you dream of.

Many people have sweet dreams about staying in a small cabin on a deserted island with a beautiful tropical beach surrounded by palms, white sand, and clear water. You fall asleep to the gentle sound of the waves, and the songs of the crickets in the forest. You wake up to the rooster crowing in the morning, and you start your day with a dip in the warm sea while enjoying the white line of sand, only interrupted by a palm or two.

You can turn the dream into reality in many places in southern Thailand. However, if you are a city slicker or relying on the blessings of civilization, you need to realize what the dream also implies.

You will probably not have hot water. On the other hand; the cold water is not very cold in southern Thailand, but still.

You may not have power; and if you have, it may only be for a few hours a day. The lack of power puts a damper on the entertainment. There may not be many alternatives to the songs of the crickets and the crowing of the rooster. Even if you have power, TV, Internet and other modern amenities are likely to be in another dream.

Be aware, that even though the heat in Thailand may make you think of summer in your own country, it is not like the summer you know in the northern and southern hemisphere with long summer days and nights lasting only a few hours. In Thailand, the night lasts more than 11 hours all of the year. And it is dark.

Nonetheless, you have nature, and you have it all to yourself, whether you want a dip in the sea on a deserted beach or a hike in the jungle.

However, nature includes more than you see in your rose tinted dreams; it also includes mosquitoes and spiders.

If you travel alone, you need to be very fond of nature; if you travel with others, you need to be very fond of each other.

That said, if you know what you are facing and it does not deter you, then you can have a great holiday in covenant with nature, a vacation that you will always remember, and a vacation you will dream of repeating repeatedly.

Tags: Beaches - Nature - Jungle - Island

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