Nui Beach

Inaccessible, natural beach.

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Nui Beach is a small, rock-filled beach and the sand is full of pebbles. A rock formation in the middle divides the beach into two parts. You will also find rocks and stones in the water, which means that the beach is not the best for a swim. On the other hand, the rocks make the beach great for snorkelling.

Nui Beach is not crowded; thus, it gives you a great opportunity to work on a tan and enjoy the nature without the hustle and bustle you find at the more popular beaches.

Despite the natural beauty of Nui Beach, you will not have to share it with many people. The reason is mainly that the beach is very inaccessible from the landside. You have to drive down a 2 kilometre (1.2 miles) dirt road, and the last 1 kilometre (0.6 miles) is extremely challenging. It will be easier to visit the beach from the sea by hiring a long tail boat at Kata Noi Beach.

In the area behind Nui Beach, there is a small forest. Under the shade of trees, there are several timber-framed houses with a thatched roof where you can have a massage, buy food and drinks, or take a shower. At the beach, you can rent beach toys and various equipment for snorkelling.

If you arrive from the landside, you will have to pass over private land. It costs 200 baht (200 baht) to gain access; the price includes rental of a mattress and umbrella and a free drink. It will probably cost you more to rent a long tail boat unless you are many to share it, and you may want to rent mattresses and umbrellas anyway.

GPS to the dirt road to the beach. From here, there is 2 km (1.2 miles) to the beach: 7.794592, 98.301991.

Approximately halfway to the beach, the road divides in two at GPS: 7.788055, 98.298055. It is the road to the right that leads to the beach.

Think twice before you drive down that road! The road is extremely challenging, and you can easily damage yourself or the scooter. Some park here and walks the rest of the way to the beach; I guess most of them regret it due to the long walk and the heat; although, they are probably better off than if they chose to drive.

There is an alternative to driving and walking; where the road splits, you will find a telephone number to the people at the beach. You can call them, and they will come and pick you up in a four-wheel-drive vehicle – you will have to pay 200 baht (200 baht) for this in addition to the usual access fee.

GPS to the beach itself: 7.787513, 98.291126.

Beaches in Phuket

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Tags: Phuket - Nui Beach - Beaches

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