Kamala Beach

A nice, although a little greyish, beach.

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Kamala Beach is about 2 kilometres (1.25 miles) long and consists of a wide beach with fine sand and good water quality, although there is some clay mixed in the sand, making it slightly greyish. The beach slopes gently into the sea, making it suitable for small children.

Before the tourists found their way to Phuket, Kamala was a small fishing village. Today, tourism is the main source of income; however, you will still find fishing boats in the southern part of the beach.

You get access to Kamala Beach at the south end of the beach or at the north end. If you are looking to buy tailor made clothes on your vacation, the south end is for you. Here, you will find more than ten tailors within striking distance. A small path leads to the beach. You can buy fruit and other refreshments here.

At the north end of Kamala Beach, you will find restaurants and stalls offering refreshments, clothes souvenirs etc. at a small pathway along the beach.

Several places along the beach, you will find offerings of a massage while relaxing and enjoying the view of the beach and the sea.

Located just north of Patong, Kamala is suitable if you are a family and if you want easy access to shopping etc. in Patong while avoiding the more lively nightlife in Patong. Alternatively, you can consider staying at Karon Beach, located just south of Patong, which offers the same easy access to Patong and the same comfortable distance. In addition, Karon has a better beach than Kamala.

Transport between Kamala and Patong costs 300-500 baht (300-500 baht) for a tuk-tuk. However, it can cost more at night or if there are many passengers.

Kamala Beach offers a few five-star hotels, for example, Cape Sienna Phuket Hotel & Villa and Andara Resort Villas, the latter belonging to the very high end. Fortunately, there is also a variety of cheaper hotels in Kamala.

Beaches in Phuket

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I have not yet written about all of the beaches; thus, there are a few inactive links on the list. Please be patient, I will get to them. The list is in geographical order, starting at the north side of Phuket, then down the west side and finally up the east side.

Tags: Phuket - Kamala Beach - Beaches

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