Paradise Beach

Party Beach in Phuket.

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Today, Paradise Beach is much more than a beach – or rather, more than two beaches; at Paradise Beach, you get two beaches divided by some rocks. A few years ago, Paradise Beach was a small secluded beach for people that wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of Patong Beach. Now, most people visit the beach not only for the sand, water and sun – but even more so for the music, parties and fun. Here, you find full moon parties, half moon parties, foam parties and parties for whatever reason the "owners" of the beach can think of.

But let's start with the beaches. The main beach is bordered by trees and has a view of Patong Bay. The sand is somewhat coarse and is mixed with gravel and pebbles; thus, definitely not the best you find in Phuket. Behind the beach, you can rent sun loungers, either single size or double size if you want to share it with that special one. Further behind, you find a stage for the parties.

You get to the other beach on a small bridge over the rocks separating the two beaches. This beach is smaller than the main beach; however, it has better sand and offers an unspoiled natural charm.

During the day, the beaches are like most other beaches in Phuket, although somewhat more commercialized. On the plus side: There are no motorized beach toys here.

Activities include snorkelling, paddling, kayaking and beach volleyball. You can shop here, and you can buy overpriced food and drinks. Please note, you are not allowed to bring food and drinks; they search your bags before entry. The reason they can search your belongings is that to get to the beach, you must pass private land, and they control the land. If you decline the search, they decline entry to the beach.

Developed Beach

While the authorities have demolished buildings on most of Phuket's beaches since the 2014 coup, the trend on Paradise Beach has gone in the opposite direction.

A few years ago, one had to go down a small dirt road over a piece of privately owned land to get to the beach. The price to cross the private land was 100 baht (100 baht), which included rent for a sun lounger; thus, it was not more expensive than on so many other beaches if you wanted to rent a sun lounger anyway.

However, some investors decided to invest in the beach. Buildings were built, including a large stage and a shopping arcade; in addition, they paved the road to the beach. Now, access to the beach is free in the daytime from 9 to 18 (9 AM to 6 PM), they even offer a free shuttle bus service between Patong and the beach to get more people to Paradise Beach. Though, I am sure they make up the loss from the overpriced food and drinks.

Also, the parties in the evening are not free. You have to buy a ticket; the prices start at 1,000 baht (1000 baht). You can buy tickets at most tour desks in Patong and in Illuzion Club and KUDO Beach Club in Patong.

Party On – for Now

The beach is under Patong Municipality, which has demanded the buildings at the beach demolished. Patong Municipality believes the buildings violates the law; in addition, they think the deeds for the land may be forgeries. At the moment, the parties fight in court; thus the parties at the beach may not last for long.

The nearest hotel to the beach is Phuket Marriott Resort & Spa, located approximately 1.5 kilometres (1 mile) away. However, unless you have a vehicle, it is much easier to stay in Patong and take the shuttle bus.

Beaches in Phuket

Read more about the beaches in the main article Beaches in Phuket.

I have not yet written about all of the beaches; thus, there are a few inactive links on the list. Please be patient, I will get to them. The list is in geographical order, starting at the north side of Phuket, then down the west side and finally up the east side.

Tags: Phuket - Paradise Beach - Beaches

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