Chiang Mai Erotic Garden

Visit a very well-kept garden which is not quite like most other gardens.

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You will find Chiang Mai Erotic Garden a little north of Chiang Mai City. It is a garden with a slightly different design and decoration than most other gardens, as you might be able to guess from the name and the picture above. The garden is a so-called tea garden, where you can enjoy a cup of tea (or coffee) and a cake, but the garden also offers erotic sculptures and flowers, and artificial hills have been made that show female forms.

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Katai Kamminga created the garden, and she acts as a tour guide, showing the guests around the garden while telling them about the flowers and sculptures.

The garden is 3,200 square meters (34.444 square feet). The design of the garden and the choice of flowers have been made in collaboration with local landscape gardeners, while local art students created the sculptures. In addition to the erotic sculptures, you will find erotic topiary (plant sculptures).

At the entrance, you will realize that the garden you are about to visit is not quite like most gardens. You will see the relief art with topless ladies on the wall in the picture below, and the fountain on the right side in the picture is, well, special.

The largest works of art are those that the landscape gardeners have made, such as these two hills:

You will find topiary sculptures that are hard to overlook and erotic flowers demanding more attention, such as orchids and flamingo flowers.

Orchid and flamingo flower

Most sculptures in the garden depict women, such as the two in the pictures below. The hills behind the sculpture in the first picture represent a lying back and legs.

The garden is well maintained, and the staff clean the sculptures regularly. In the picture below, it is a bathing man who gets an extra hand. It may not be a boring, technical book he is reading because if you look down into the bathtub, you can see that he is somewhat excited.

Perhaps he has been inside the building, where there is a small library of erotic books. There is a small cosy corner in the library, where you can sit and read the books. You can also buy souvenirs here, like specially designed candles.

How to get to Chiang Mai Erotic Garden

You will find Chiang Mai Erotic Garden 25 km and approximately 45 minutes drive north of Chiang Mai City. You cannot buy organized trips to the garden, you have to arrange transport yourself. If you drive yourself; you can find Chiang Mai Erotic Garden on Google Maps.

Chiang Mai Erotic Garden is open every day from 10-17. It costs 300 baht (300 baht) to visit the garden, which includes a cup of tea or coffee and a cake.

Tags: Chiang Mai - Erotic Garden - Activities

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