Ban Krut

If you want to work on your tan in peaceful surroundings, Ban Krut is the place.

Tags: Ban Krut - Prachuap Khiri Khan - Beaches - Nature

Ban Krut is an old fishing village in the Prachuap Khiri Khan province, about 360 km (225 miles) south of Bangkok. Ban Krut Beach is one of the best beaches on the route down to the more popular holiday destinations in southern Thailand.

Along the 7 km (4.4 miles) road behind the beach, you will find several resorts with easy access to an empty beach. You will not find many foreign tourists here, almost all of the people visiting are Thai coming for a long weekend or a holiday. Most Thai people do not like the beach and the sun; thus, you can have the beach for yourself.

Furthermore, here, you will not be bothered by bars with loud music, bright neon light and scantily clad girls; or by souvenir stalls with aggressive sellers trying to hawk overpriced goods. Here, you can enjoy a hassle-free holiday.

However, that also means that you should only come here if you want a quiet holiday. If you want entertainment in the form of onshore or offshore activities, then you should stick to the usual tourist destinations.

If the beach life gets too dull, you can visit Wat Thang Sai on the headland at the north end of the beach. Here, you will also find a big Buddha that is looking out over the sea.

The best time to visit Ban Krut is from December through March. You can get to Ban Krut by train from Bangkok, which takes about five hours by the express train. Or you can take the Bang Saphan Noi Bus from Bangkok. The bus is a little faster; however, I will recommend the train as the bus may give you the chills – both because of the settings of the air condition and because of the way they drive. Also, the bus stop is a bit out of the city.

Most of the resorts along the beach road offer bungalows, you can use Agoda. to find a place of your liking.

Please note that if you are looking for Ban Krut on maps or the internet, the city and the beach may be hiding under many other names. The Thai name is บ้านกรูด; you can transcribe it in many ways to the Latin alphabet. You can transcribe บ้าน to both Ban and Baan, while you can transcribe กรูด to Krut, Krud, Krood, Kruit, Grud, Kroot, or Grood.

Tags: Ban Krut - Prachuap Khiri Khan - Beaches - Nature

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