Transport in Thailand

Below you will find links to articles about transport between different places in Thailand.

As of now, there are not that many articles, more will come so be sure to come back.

The Metro and the Skytrain in Bangkok
Tags: Bangkok - Metro - Skytrain - Transport - Shopping - Canals - San Saeb - River - Chao Phraya
Skytrain in Bangkok Bangkok is notorious for its endless traffic jams; however, you do not need to spend time in a taxi that moves with a snail's pace, you can take the Skytrain that hovers above the traffic jams or the Metro that effortless strides ahead underground. Read about the Skytrain and the Metro in Bangkok.
Domestic Flights in Thailand
Tags: Transport - Airlines
Nok Air It is cheap and easy to get around in Thailand using domestic flights. Read about the various airlines flying domestically in Thailand.
Tags: Tuk-Tuk - Transport - Phuket - Bangkok - Scam - Udon Thani
Tuk-tuk The tuk-tuk is dange­rous, unplea­sant, and expen­sive. None­the­less, you may want to take a ride in a tuk-tuk on your holi­day in Thailand. Read more about the tuk-tuk.
Travel by Train in Thailand
Tags: Train - Bangkok - Chiang Mai - Phuket - Transport
Trains in Thailand Travelling by train is very inexpensive in Thailand. However, you should only take the train if you have plenty of time. Or if you want to experience the Thai culture up close, as swarms of vendors board the train at the stations to hawk food, candy, newspapers and drinks for the travellers.
Travel by Bus in Thailand
Tags: Bus - Bangkok - Chiang Mai - Phuket - Transport
Travel by bus in Thailand It is very cheap to travel by bus in Thailand, although it also can be very boring and dangerous. You will find buses in many different shapes and conditions. From the ultra-modern VIP buses with TV and entertainment consoles in the seats to old bangers resembling something that were discarded in the west 30 years ago. Read about travelling by bus in Thailand.