Yanui Beach

Beach with rock ornaments and a little island.

If you want some natural ornaments to look at instead of only sand and water and a flat horizon, then visit Yanui Beach.

Yanui Beach is a small beach with cliffs, a small rock formation on the beach and a small island, Koh Kaeo Noi, a little off the coast which breaks the flat horizon. You can rent mattresses and buy cold drinks and some food on the beach.

Yanui Beach is not much longer than 100 meters (110 yards). A small rock formation divides the beach into two parts. The north part of the beach offers a sandy beach, while the smaller part of the beach south of the rock formation is full of large stones. There is a small cleared path into the water, which you can use if you want to swim here. You can rent a canoe to paddle to Koh Kaeo Noi.

The beach is suitable for snorkelling around the rock formation and Koh Kaeo Noi.

There are no hotels directly off the beach, but there are several within walking distance, such as the four-star The Windmill Phuket and the somewhat cheaper Yanui Beach Hideaway. There are several small guesthouses and bungalows for rent in the area; however, they do not use booking services, and they do not even have a website.

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