Trisara Beach

A "hidden" beach for a romantic honeymoon or wedding.

Trisara Beach er en lille strand i flotte naturlige omgivelser. Stranden er blot 175 meter lang og i begge ender er der klipper og træer som naturlig pynt, mens du bag stranden har en række palmer og andre træer.

Sandet er ikke det bedste på Phuket, men det er bestemt heller ikke det værste - det befinder sig i den øverste halvdel af strandene. Mens strandsand på Phuket og andre steder i Thailand ofte er gulligt og lidt groft i det, har sandet her en mere hvidlig farve, som vi kender det fra de danske strande, og det er ikke så groft. Trisara Beach er fin som badestrand, omend der er nogle sten i vandet ved lavvande.

Det bedste af det hele er, at du sådan set kan have stranden helt for dig selv – with one big caveat.

The photos in this article are from the high season. While the hidden Banana Beach just north of Trisara Beach was full of people this sunny day, there were only two people at Trisara Beach. The reason for this – and the big caveat – is that Trisara beach is a "private beach".

Actually, there are no private beaches in Thailand; however, the land behind Trisara Beach belongs to the very exclusive Trisara Phuket Villas & Residences; thus, you will have to stay at the hotel to get access to the beach or you have to arrive from the sea.

Staying at the hotel is not cheap, and it is certainly not for the kind of plastic this writer is swinging. The prices start at around 27,000 baht a night, which is equivalent to 27000 baht.

Perfect for a honeymoon

People from the middle class may choose to stay here in a junior suite for a once in a lifetime honeymoon when money is not as much an object as normal. However, if you want to stay in a villa with a private infinity pool, a sea view and plenty of bedrooms, you had better be equipped with very fit plastic as you then can add a zero at the end of the price above.

If one of your forefathers started a successful brewery, invented the Lego building blocks, or if you are a rock star of the looking for peace and tranquillity kind rather than the smashing room kind, this may very well be the place for your tropical holiday or for a romantic wedding in tropical settings.

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