Pon Beach

Pon Beach is a "private" beach.

Pon Beach is also known as Nai Yair Beach. The road to Pon Beach is blocked by a hotel, which will only let guests get access to the beach. Thus, to visit the beach, you have two options, you can stay at The Naka Phu­ket Villa, where the prices start at about 20,000 baht (20000 baht) per night for a villa, or you can arrive at the beach by sea.

I had to settle for a photo from a distance because I did not have the time to sail to the beach and my plastic card is not suitable for a stay at the hotel. The photo is a few years old, from back when they had not yet finished building the hotel. The hotel looks very different now, as you can see if you follow the link to the hotel.

The beach is very pretty, although an older description of the beach mentions shingles, which makes the beach less suitable for swimming. However, there should be a great opportunity for snorkelling at a coral reef 100 meters from the shore. Judging from the photos of the finished hotel, I guess the guests do not miss a great beach.

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