Laemka Beach

A pretty beach with rocks on Phuket's east coast.

Laemka Beach is not much of a swimming beach, and the sand is not particularly fine; nonetheless, it is one of the best beaches on Phuket's east coast.

The beach is easy on the eyes; it has rock formations at one end of the beach and a view of the neighbouring island Koh Lon. The island acts as a breakwater; thus, the water is relatively calm here. Snorkelling is possible near the rocks and by a coral reef in the sea.

In the high season, you can buy food and cold drinks. At my last visit, the beach was a stop in an excursion for Asian tourists. Every few minutes a speedboat arrived with 20-30 tourists, they walked along the beach carrying their life jacket, went up to the parking lot to eat and then on to the next place.

GPS to the road down to the beach. There are approximately 1 km (1,090 yards) from here to the beach: 7.778987, 98.328708.
GPS to the car park at the beach: 7.777802, 98.33704.

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