Laem Sing Beach

Beautiful but overcrowded beach.

Laem Sing Beach is one of the somewhat inaccessible beaches in Phuket. You will have to enter down a steep path, or you will have to enter the beach from the sea.

At both ends of the beach, you will find a parking lot and an entrance to the beach. However, you will have to pass over private land to get to the beach; and for that, you will have to pay 100 baht (100 baht).

At Laem Sing Beach, you can rent mattresses and parasols. The 10-percent zones stipulated by the governor is not in effect here, as you can clearly see in this photo:

Laem Sing Beach is about 300 meters (275 yards) long; it is a beautiful beach with cliffs and surrounding forest. The quality of the sand and the water is fine; in addition, the water around the rocks at both ends of the beach is fine for snorkelling.

Unfortunately, the many tourists and the "sun loungers" put a damper on the natural charm of the beach. If you want a similar, yet more unspoilt beach, you can go little further north and visit Banana Beach.

Surrounded by forest, there are no hotels near Laem Sing Beach. You will find a few hotels at the south end of Surin Beach a little bit further north.

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