Kata Noi Beach

Surfing in the monsoon season.

Kata Noi Beach is the younger brother of Kata Beach - "noi" means "small" - and it lies just south of Kata Beach. The beach is not quite small with its approximately 750 meters (820 yards) in length, but it is smaller than Kata Beach. The Water and sand quality are excellent.

There are not as many leisure activities as on Kata Beach and Karon Beach farther north; however, snorkelling is possible at the rocks at both ends of the beach.

In the monsoon season — April to September — Kata Noi Beach is a favourite among surfers. However, at that time of the year, rip currents may make it dangerous to go for a swim here. Experienced surfers may know how to handle and use a rip current; everybody else should always heed to the warning flags on the beach.

There are not many hotels next to Kata Noi Beach. There are a few cheap hotels, and then there are the five-star Impiana Private Villas, The Shore at Katathani Resort and Katathani Phuket Beach Resort.

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